Unseasonably warm weather in Netherlands this week

Autumn leaves (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/David L Ellis). (Autumn leaves (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/David L Ellis))

Unseasonably warm weather is expected in the Netherlands this week, thanks to mild air from Italy heading our way, according to Weeronline. Tuesday will be the warmest day, with maximums between 14 degrees in the north and 19 degrees in the southeast expected. Locally thermometers may even climb to 20 degrees on Tuesday, the weather service expects.

Weeronnline's current weather model expects a maximum of 16.8 degrees in De Bilt on Tuesday. That brings the maximum very close to the official heat record for November 6th, 17.1 degrees in 2015. If this record is broken, it will be the 13th day-heat record broken in the Netherlands this year. 

According to Weeronline, a warm day with maximums of 20 degrees or higher only happens about once every 17 years in the Netherlands.