Divorce in Zeeland can take up to a year: report

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Getting divorced in Zeeland requires some patience. The court is dealing with a backlog in divorce cases, and actually getting divorced can take up to a year. Over the past two months the court in Middelburg has been training to reduce the waiting time for divorce cases to an acceptable level with extra sessions, Omroep Zeeland reports.

This involves conflict divorces. In these types of cases both parties have their own lawyer, because they could not reach a mutual agreement. Divorce on common request, in which both parties agree upon what needs to happen, are dealt with much more quickly - usually within a few weeks. 

The cause of the long waiting times is a shortage of judges in Middelburg. According to the Zeeland-West-Brabant District Court, the number of judges is now up to par and the backlog is in the process of being eliminated.

Waiting times of up to a year is way too long, divorce lawyers said to the broadcaster. "Uncertainty about alimony or the contact arrangement for the children can lead to all sorts of other problems. We deal with that every day."

The divorce lawyers confirmed Omroep Zeeland that the waiting times are decreasing, but are also critical. "As far as efficiency is concerned, there is still a lot to do at the Middelburg court."