Missing Dutch man maybe hid on cargo ship: report

Arjen Kamphuis, missing in Norway since 20 August 2018
Arjen Kamphuis, missing in Norway since 20 August 2018. (Photo: @ncilla / Twitter)

Arjen Kamphuis, who disappeared in Norway on August 20th, may have hid in a cargo ship that left for Stavanger around the day of his disappearance, according to the residents of the port town of Rognan. The Norwegian police are investigating this scenario, assistant commissioner Bjarte Walle said to Het Parool.

The 47-year-old cyber security expert from Amsterdam was holidaying in Norway. On August 20th he checked out of his hotel in Bodo. Some of his personal belongings, including his ID documents, were found near Rognan last week. 

According to Rognan residents, a ship carrying cargo for local factory Nexans left from Rognan for Stavanger around August 20th. A Nexans employee also confirmed this. 

On August 30th Kamphuis's cellphone was turned on in the vicinity of Stavanger for a short time. There were also several reports from witnesses who said they saw him in the area. Stavanger is about 1,600 kilometers from Bodo. 

"This is one of the tips we are reviewing", Walle, who is involved in the investigation into Kamphuis's disappearance, said to the newspaper. "We are still working on it. We hope to soon know whether the information is correct or not. Just like the other tips we received."