Dutch man, 47, missing in Norway

Arjen Kamphuis, missing in Norway since 20 August 2018
Arjen Kamphuis, missing in Norway since 20 August 2018Photo: @ncilla / Twitter

The Norwegian police launched an investigation into the disappearance 47-year-old Arjen Kamphuis. The Dutch man was on holiday in Norway and went missing on August 20th. He was last seen in the town of Bodø, RTL Nieuws reports.

Kamphuis spent two weeks on holiday in Norway, a friend said to the broadcaster. "He would've returned to the Netherlands on 22 August, booked a return ticket for that day. But now he has missed several work and private appointments." According to her, it is known that Kamphuis checked out of his hotel in Bodø on the day of his disappearance. "Other than that, we can only guess what happened." 

The Norwegian police are looking into whether Kamphuis can be traced through his telephone data, according to the broadcaster. They are also speaking to locals and investigating a number of tips that came in, also from other places in Norway.