High school pupil suspended for Nazi video featuring teacher

A pupil of the Corderius College in Amersfoort was suspended for making a Nazi video featuring one of the school's teachers. The pupil photoshopped the teacher's head into footage showing Nazi practices and the video ended up online, RTV Utrecht reports.

"It's a so-called joke", rector Egbert Boerma said to the broadcaster. "But there are jokes with far-reaching consequences. Pupils have to know that and sometimes they have to feel it too." For privacy reasons, the school did not say whether the pupil is a boy or a girl.

The teacher filed a police report and the school suspended the pupil for several days. "In this case a line has really been crossed. It is declaration worthy. It affects [the teacher] personally. Abuse of the name and good honor on the internet. Slander", Boerma said. "Putting a head on a porn star or something like that does not really bother us. But when it really touches people, if you're projected as a Nazi criminal, then the line is crossed and we intervene."

According to Boerma, he did not like suspending the pupil, but an example must be set for the other high school pupils.