Irrigation ban on more Brabant farmers due to drought

From Friday farmers in the whole Oost-Brabant are banned from using surface water - water from lakes and rivers - to irrigate their fields. Everyone in the area is called on to be economical with their use of water, water board Aa en Maas announced, Omroep-Brabant reports.

This ban applies to the areas Beneden AA, Boven AA and Raam. Surface water may still be used for the drinking water of cattle, for extinguishing fires, and if an adjustable drainage system is used. Farmers who use groundwater, and not surface water, for irrigation can continue to irrigate their lands. 

Noord-Brabant families are also called upon to be careful with their water use. "On a hot day, 50 percent more drinking water is used than on a normal day in June. We are well prepared for this, but everyone is called upon to use drinking water carefully", Brabant Water said. The water company advises people to water the gardens less, postpone their car wash, and spread water use throughout the day as much as possible. 

An irrigation from surface water ban already applies to farmers in Limburg and West-Brabant. 


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