Quarter of Dutch not going on summer vacation

A quarter of Dutch people will not be going on summer vacation this year, according to the annual Vacation Survey by Nibud. The main reason for staying at home is money, according to the researchers, RTL Nieuws reports.

Around 54 percent of Dutch skipping summer vacation this year, said that they couldn't afford it. Last year 42 percent of those who stayed at home gave expenses as a reason.

According to Nibud, the number of people with a below average income who do not go on summer vacation is on the rise. This year 42 percent are staying at home, compared to 34 percent last year. A quarter of this group will spend their vacation pay on settling debts. 

The Dutch who are going on vacation this summer, do so for 15 days on average. Half of the holiday makers reserved 1,500 euros for their trip, compared to 2 thousand euros last year.

According to Nibud, holiday makers who vacation on a budget would be wise to plan their expenses in advance. The survey showed that holiday goers who come up with a daily budget at the destination more often spend more than they planned. Those who already estimated their expenses at home more often stick their budget and do not face financial surprises.