Pocket money
Jan 7 '19 12:20

An increasing number of Dutch children are able to draw money or pay for items with their own debit cards themselves, but they are also less safe with their PIN than five years ago, according to a study by budget information institute Nibud. The institute calls this a worrying development, as being able to deal safely with money is a requirement for preventing financial problems in the future, RTL Nieuws reports.

Summer at the beach
Jun 27 '18 11:30

A quarter of Dutch people will not be going on summer vacation this year, according to the annual Vacation Survey by Nibud. The main reason for staying at home is money, according to the researchers, RTL Nieuws reports.

Around 54 percent of Dutch skipping summer vacation this year, said that they couldn't afford it. Last year 42 percent of those who stayed at home gave expenses as a reason.

Feb 16 '18 11:40

Most Dutch people are not building sufficient financial buffers for a financially healthy future, Rabobank concludes based on a study by Nibud. Only two in five Dutch put money aside for training, income decreases, pensions, or healthcare, ANP reports.

Nibud questioned 2 thousand people for this study. Nearly half of respondents indicated that they are concerned about money matters in the future, yet most do nothing about it. Around a third don't have the money to set aside. But of the two thirds who do have financial room to set money aside, only 39 percent actually do so. 

Sep 1 '17 10:00

More than half of Dutch students loan more money from educational services department DUO than they need for their studies, according to a study Nibud published on Friday. Of these students, half loaned more money to save up for when they are done studying. The low interest rates on student loans is one reason for doing so, according to the researchers, reports.

May 23 '17 09:51

A massive 62 percent of employers in the Netherlands have to deal with staff facing financial problems, according to a report by national budget information office Nibud. A worker with a full time job and a modal salary that has debt problems, could cost an employer up to 13 thousand euros per year, the report states, according to

Nov 7 '16 08:19

About 70 percent of people in the Netherlands who have problems paying their bills have little to no savings, according to a study by the national institute for budget information Nibud. Having savings is one of the most crucial ways to prevent payment problems, the institute says in its report. The level of income does not seem to be influence money problems, ANP reports.

Nibud urges people to make sure they have a bufer of savings. Set aside 10 percent of monthly income, the institute advices. Currently only 40 percent of households save a fixed amount every month. 

Sep 9 '16 10:29

Dutch parents of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 years often pay a too-large part of their child's personal expenses, according to a study by budget adviser Nibud. The parents mean well, but this stands in the way of preparing their children for independence, according to Nibud

Jul 1 '16 10:55

Nibud is concerned about the financial situation of future pensioners. The combination of the rising cot of living and the current group of freelancers and entrepreneurs building less pension, leads the institute to expect that the current under-65-year-olds will soon have a quarter too little pension

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Jun 21 '16 09:25

After years of spending vacation pay to settle debt or replace broke appliances, Dutch people are finally spending it on what it was meant for again this year - going on vacation, according to the National Institute for Budget Information (Nibud)

Dec 7 '15 09:29

An increasing number of Dutch households are blaming expensive healthcare and high rent for their debt problems. Compared to three years ago, these two items are much more commonly given as the cause of payment problems, according to the National Institute for Budget Information

Aug 24 '15 11:09

Graduating without debt is becoming increasingly difficult for students now that the basic study grant is being abolished. This has left parents with the question of whether they give their kids extra financial help, or let the study loan debts run up. Many parents can not afford the extra financial h

Jul 6 '15 10:50

One in three college and university students borrow money from DUO - the Office of Education. 33 percent of these students borrow this money to build up a savings account for when they are done with their studies or some to purchase their own home.

BnhqUcOIUAArS8d (1)
Jun 23 '15 14:15

An increasing number of Dutch people decide not to go away during the summer holidays because they can't afford it. This year a quarter of Dutch people have opted to rather stay home, in 2012 the figure was 18 percent.

Mar 6 '15 10:01

Dutch consumers are very cautious when it comes to using their savings, even when it is more rational to use their savings to pay off debts.

Credit cards (Source: Wikimedia/Sprinno)
Oct 17 '14 13:36

According to the Dutch Institute for Budged Information Nibud, households with financial problems cost society 11 billion euro annually.

Sep 23 '14 08:20

According to a report from research center Nibud, many young people aged 18 to 24 already have outstanding tax payments, and are unable to pay their health insurance or phone provider bills, RTL Nieuws reports.

May 12 '14 11:54

Singles with a low income, and who take in their mother or father, could feel stiff financial drawbacks to this from 2015. The lower the collective income, the more adult children and their parents will have to hand in if they start living together again.

May 5 '14 11:52

Many households will not accept having to cut costs, favoring borrowing, and consequently debts, instead. By piling on the credit, these households are slowly slipping into the abyss of debt counseling. The number of risky debts grew with almost 20 percent in seven years' time.

Mar 17 '14 10:10

For new renters, social housing in Utrecht and Amsterdam has become almost €100 more expensive in the last year. For low-income households, the available homes are more often unaffordable because of this, which has also risen eviction figures, the Volkskrant reports.

Sep 3 '13 03:01

Four out of five companies have staff with financial problems. The recession caused the number of people with problematic debt to double, reports Nibud.

Apr 22 '13 16:32

Nine percent of the Dutch who economized in 2012 got rid of their car. Seventy percent of the population had to cut down on costs. The Dutch institute for budget guidance, Nationaal Instituut voor Budgetvoorlichting (Nibud), concluded this in their research.

Apr 11 '13 15:48

Everyone should always keep some cash in his or her pocket. The Dutch national institute for budget guidance, Nationaal Instituut voor Budgetvoorlichting (Nibud), said this after a week of problems with Dutch banks.

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