Handball coach caught molesting girl, 16, in Limburg forest

Hikers caught a 61-year-old handball coach from Baarlo, Limburg sexually assaulting a mentally-impaired 16-year-old girl in a forest. The man has been arrested, the police confirmed to RTL Nieuws.

The man in question is municipal official Sjaak S., who also teaches handball and judo to children with mental disabilities, according to the Telegraaf. The girl with whom he was caught in the forest is a member of the handball club where S. coaches.

S. and the girl ran off when the hikers caught them in the forest. The hikers later saw the girl cycling. They talked to her, won her trust and went with her to her parents. At her home, the girl confirmed that she had sexual contact with S. and that this was not the first time, according to the Telegraaf. 

The police confirmed to RTL Nieuws that the man is suspected of committing sexual acts with a minor in an outside area near Venlo. This happened on Friday. The police investigation is currently focused on the 16-year-old girl and it is not clear whether there are more victims.