Up to 30 years in prison for Amsterdam DJ's mistaken identity murder

On Wednesday the court of Amsterdam sentenced seven men to up to 30 years in prison for the murder of Amsterdam DJ Djordy Latumahina and the attempted murders of his girlfriend and their then 2-year-old daughter in October 2016, NU.nl reports.

The Amsterdam family were sitting in their Mini Cooper in the parking garage of their apartment building on Koningin Wilhelminaplein in Amsterdam West on October 8th, 2016, when two men approached their car and opened fire on them. Djordy was killed, his girlfriend was critically injured. A bullet just missed hitting their then 2-year-old daughter, sitting in her car seat in the back of the car. The authorities are convinced that this was a case of mistaken identity, and that the intended target may be a drug dealer who lived in the same building.

The court sentenced gunman Djurgen W. to 30 years in prison. Cedric R., the coordinator of the murder, got 26 years. They were both found guilty of murder and two attempts thereto. R.'s brother Wendel got 15 years in prison for complicity in murder and two counts of attempted murder. 

As expected, Tony D. was acquitted of involvement in this murder. The Public Prosecutor believes he was the second gunman. But he was already released from custody on March 22nd, due to lack of evidence. The Public Prosecutor appealed against this acquittal. D. was convicted for firearm possession and driving without a license, and sentenced to four months and two weeks in prison.

Benito L. was sentenced to 80 days in prison, half of which conditionally suspended. Giovanni D. got 48 weeks in prison. They stole cars that were used in the murder and were convicted of possession of stolen property. They have already been released from custody.

Djordy's parents asked, through their lawyer Richard Korver, that the men responsible for their son's death be sentenced to life in prison. His girlfriend previously stated that her "perfect family was destroyed" through their actions.