Suspects could face up to 30 years for Amsterdam DJ's assassination

The Public Prosecutor demanded prison sentences of up to 30 years against the seven suspects in the mistaken identity murder of Amsterdam DJ Djordy Latumahina and the attempted murder of his girlfriend and daughter, reports.

The highest sentence demand, 30 years in prison, was made against 42-year-old Djurgen W. and 35-year-old Tony D. According to the Prosecutor, they were the gunmen in this assassination. 40-year-old Cedric R., suspected of being the chief organizer of this assassination, could also face 30 years in jail. Cedric R.'s brother Wendel R. could face 25 years in prison, for supporting his brother in the assassination plan. The Prosecutor also demanded 25 years against Ulrich B., suspected of driving the getaway car.

Benito L., 46, and 31-year-old Giovanni D. heard sentence demands of 40 days and 24 weeks respectively. According to the Prosecutor, they collected and delivered stolen cars used after the attack on Latumahina and his family. Both L. and D. are no longer in custody.

Latumahina, his girlfriend and their then 2-year-old daughter were sitting in their Mini Cooper in the parking garage of their apartment building on Koningin Wilehminaplein on October 8th, 2016 when two men opened fire on them. Latumahina was killed, his then 30-year-old girlfriend was critically injured but survived the attack. A bullet only barely missed the car seat in which the little girl was sitting. 

The police are convinced that Latumahina was the victim of mistaken identity. The shooters' actual target was drug criminal Gino M., who lived in the same apartment building and also drove a black Mini Cooper. "The Public Prosecution Service holds it against the suspects that a random family was hit by the rain of bullets", the Prosecutor said in court on Tuesday. "We are of the opinion that the circumstance that here completely innocent civilians were victimized, has to be punitive."

According to the Prosecutor, there is no doubt that these seven suspects were involved in Latumahina's murder. Evidence against them include their movements in cars used in the murder, video footage of the parking garage, and video footage of the route the perpetrators walked after their car broke in Hoofddorp. 

Latumahina's girlfriend made a victim statement in court on March 9th. Her "perfect family was completely destroyed", she said. The Amsterdam DJ's parents also spoke in court. "You are gone, because of a mistaken identity murder", his father said. "Mistaken identity murder, what a horrible concent, originated in the time in which we live. A time in which it is apparently already accepted that there are innocent victims of assassinations."

The court will rule on May 9th.