Suspect left Rotterdam teen to die in Hague lake

Orlando Boldewijn was found dead in the Böttgerwater in The Hague on 26 Feb 2018
Orlando Boldewijn was found dead in the Böttgerwater in The Hague on 26 Feb 2018Photo: Politie

Roy B., a 27-year-old man from The Hague suspected of involvement in Rotterdam teen Orlando Boldewijn's death, left the 17-year-old boy to die. He did not sound alarm when he saw Orlando in the water of a lake in Ypenburg after their date, a source close to the investigation said to newspaper AD. 

The man admitted that he had a date with Orlando on his fishing boat in the Ypenburg neighborhood of The Hague on the night of the teenager's disappearance, February 18th, according to the newspaper. He told the police that he transferred 20 euros into Orlando's bank account so that he could take public transport to the lake, Blauwe Loper. After the date he said he put the boy 'on shore' around midnight and sailed back to his fishing spot near an island on the lake. 

Camera footage showed that Orlando walked through the neighborhood around the lake. According to B., the boy later returned to the lake and woke him up with his shouting. B. said that he saw Orlando in the water, but did not help him or call the emergency services. Instead he went back to sleep.

The police informed Orlando's family about the suspect's statements.

Why B. left Orlando to his fate is not clear. It is also unclear why he did not say anything during the week in which the police searched for the missing boy, before finding his body near B.'s fishing spot. The police found Orlando's body based on information in an anonymous tip.

Roy B. was arrested on April 22nd on suspicion of involvement in Orlando's death. He was released again two days later, because the police did not have enough evidence to keep him in custody, according to the newspaper. The police did not say on what the suspicion against B. was based.

Withholding help from someone in mortal danger is punishable in the Netherlands and can carry a prison sentence of up to 3 months or a fine of a few thousand euros. 


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