Released footage shows Rotterdam teen hours before his death

Orlando Boldewijn
Orlando BoldewijnPhoto: Politie

The police released footage showing 17-year-old Orlando Boldewijn buying a sandwich in The Hague just hours before his death on February 18th. By releasing these images showing exactly what the Rotterdam teen looked like on that day, the police hope that someone will remember seeing him and provide more information about his final hours.

Orlando was very tall, nearly 2 meters. He was dressed completely in black - black trousers, black shoes and a black raincoat. In particular the police are looking to talk to two anglers seen fishing at the Bottgerwater on February 18th. 

The Rotterdam teen went to The Hague for a date on February 18th, but never returned home. The man he met with that day told the police that he dropped Orlando off at Bottgerwater after their date. His body was found in the water on February 26th. How he died is still a mystery.