Storms cause flooding in large parts of Netherlands

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Storms caused flooding in large parts of the Netherlands on Sunday night and during the early hours of Monday morning. The worst of the storms are currently leaving the Netherlands through the north, according to RTL Nieuws.

Limburg was particularly affected by flooding overnight. In Roermond many homes were underwater, and the fire department had to respond to a care center to get rid of excess water, De Gelderlander reports. In Kerkrade multiple streets were completely flooded and a hotel in Vaals also had problems with the water. Flooding also had the fire brigade busy in Venlo.

Flooding was also a problem in other parts of the country, including Amsterdam, Zaandam, Rotterdam and Tilburg. In Amsterdam the Coen Tunnel flooded. 

The storms drew across the country from south to north. Meteorological institute KNMI had a code yellow warning in effect for all of the Netherlands on Sunday. Currently there is no weather warning in effect, though Limburg is expected to face strong winds on Monday afternoon.

Monday morning is expected to be mostly cloudy with a few showers, according to the KNMI. The sun will break through in the afternoon. Maximum temperatures will range from 11 degrees Celsius in the west to around 16 degrees in the east.