Weapons, stolen police uniforms found in Utrecht raid

Numerous weapons as well as police uniforms stolen during a robbery on a delivery van in February, were found during raids in Utrecht last month, the police said in a statement on Friday. A total of five suspects were arrested.

On March 20th the police arrested three suspects in connection with the delivery van robbery on February 27th and raided three homes and two garages in Utrecht. Two other suspects were arrested after the raids. 

In the raids police found the stolen police uniforms and numerous weapons, including an Uzi, a Scorpio, handguns, a hand grenade and other explosives, and equipment used in ATM bombings. A stolen Audi S4 was also found. Five cars were confiscated.

Three of the five suspects are still in custody. They are suspected of involvement in the robbery on February 27th. Two of them are also suspected of illegal firearm possession. Their pre-trial detention was recently extended by 45 days. The other two suspects are only suspected of illegal firearm possession. They were released from custody.