Google invests €500 million in Dutch data center

Google is going to expand its data center in Eemshaven, Groningen and is investing another 500 million euros in the complex, a spokesperson for the internet giant confirmed to

The 500 million euros come on top of 950 million euros Google previously invested in the Eemshaven data center. Google can't yet say how big the complex will eventually be, and when construction will begin. The internet giant is responding to growing demand for their services with this extra space. "Every day the demand for Google services increases and our data centers infrastructure follows that same rhythm."

According to Minister Erik Wiebes of Economic Affairs and Climate, this collaboration with Google will benefit everyone in the province of Groningen. "Google has shown that it has a lot to offer such as employment, income for social suppliers, investments in nature projects and a coding program for youth", the Minister said, according to the newspaper. "The construction of this data center also makes the region more attractive for other international technology companies."

Google opened the Eemshaven data center in December 2016. It is currently the size of a few football fields and employs 250 people. It is a repository for data from multiple Google services, such as the search engine, Gmail, and YouTube. 

The data center uses only sustainable electricity, provided by Eneco from wind farms in Delfzijl and the Netherlands' biggest solar park in Eemshaven, among others. 


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