Shooting victim's brothers, cousin arrested for courtroom brawl

Police guard in a detention center
Police guard in a detention center. (Photo: Politie)

The police arrested three men on Wednesday on suspicion of involvement in aon February 21st. They are two brothers and a cousin of Yassine Majiti, who was shot to death in Best last year, confirmed to AD. A fourth suspect is still being sought.

The brawl happened during a pro-forma hearing in the trail against 39-year-old Toon N. - the man suspected of killing Majiti. The suspect had just entered the court room when a man from the public stand attacked him, soon to be joined by others.

Police officers immediately stepped in and after around 10 minutes finally managed to break up the fight. The hearing was temporarily suspended, and then continued with no public in court. 

According to the police, the brawl had a massive impact on everyone present in the courtroom. "They were all confronted with a great deal of violence. The case was given priority by the police and judiciary and a large investigation was launched." 

The investigation eventually led to these arrests. The suspects are in custody for further investigation.