Gun victim’s family attacks suspect in court sparking brawl, trial suspension

A trail revolving around a fatal shooting in Den Bosch last year, had to be briefly suspended on Wednesday after members of the victim's family attacked the suspect. The court in Den Bosch was temporarily on lock down while order was restored, AD reports.

Suspect Toon N. (39) had barely entered the court when a man from the crowded public stand jumped forward and attacked him. Seconds later, others from the stand joined the brawl. The police immediately freed the suspect and removed him to the cell block. Other police officers spent over 10 minutes trying to calm the partly furious, partly deeply upset masses.

Police officers managed to guide the crowd out of the courtroom and into the corridors, where the atmosphere remained unsettled. Every time a police officer addressed someone on his or her behavior, others angrily chimed in. One police officer called on the group, on behalf of the victim's father who was standing right next to her, for respect and control. Public Prosecutor Janine Kramer, the three judges, and defense lawyer Jan-Hein Kuijpers watched the chaos for a brief moment, before adhering to the police's advice to leave the building. The court was cleared out and locked down while the people who caused the commotion asked to leave the premises. 

The court reopened after a few minutes and the hearing continued, with only the victim's family and press allowed inside. 

This trial revolves around the death of 33-year-old Yassine Majiti from Den Bosch. He died in November last year after being shot during party Salsa Breeze at Beachclub Sunrise. According to a friend, they were on their way home when there was a fight in a parking lot. Yassine tried to break up the fight and was shot.