Murder victim's family apologizes for attacking perpetrator in court

Family members of Yassine Majiti, who was shot and killed in Breda last year, apologized for starting a brawl in the court in Den Bosch on Wednesday, lawyer Peter Schouten said to Omroep Brabant.

Chaos ruled in the courtroom on Wednesday morning. Suspect Toon N. had just entered the courtroom when a man jumped from the crowded public stand and attacked him, shortly followed by multiple other persons. The police intervened and the trial was suspended for a time while order was restored. 

"This is inexcusable. Emotions do not belong in court. The family announced that they are incredibly sorry", Schouten said to the broadcaster. He thinks that N.'s attitude sparked the brawl. "The suspect came in very nonchalantly and looked disrespectfully at the relatives", he said. "I'm not certain that this was the reason. I'm certainly not condoning it."

The police and Public Prosecutor launched an investigation into the brawl. So far no one was arrested. 

The trial will continue in a high security courtroom due to the brawl, according to Omroep Brabant. The family also requested that another judge try try this case, fearing that the current one will no longer be impartial after what happened on Wednesday.