Over 40 homes searched, 7 arrested in major Amsterdam raid

On Tuesday the police and municipality of Amsterdam searched over 40 homes on Houtmankade as part of a joint action against housing fraud, money laundering, identity fraud and drug trafficking. A total of seven people were arrested, the police said in a statement.

The homes visited are all located in a housing block on Houtmankade and Houtmanstraat. The homes were visited based on signals received by the municipality.

Three people were arrested on suspicion of money laundering. Four others were arrested for hard drug possession. 

A number of homes were visited to check whether the various housing regulations were properly observed. A number of irregularities were found. In 12 cases the residents did not have the necessary permit for social housing. They will be fined 6,500 euros. There were also cases of people illegally using a house under the so-called Short Stay regulation. They can face a fine of 20,500 euros. The municipality will make contact with the homeowners, the police said. 

This action was a joint effort involving the municipality, police, Public Prosecutor and immigration and naturalization service IND.