Body exhumed in insulin murders case

The police's forensic team at the scene of a crime (Stock Photo: Politie)The police's forensic team at the scene of a crime (Stock Photo: Politie)

A forensic investigation team dug up a body in a cemetery in Heerjansdam, near Barendrecht, on Thursday. This was done by order of the Public Prosecutor in an investigation into a nursing home worker suspected of murdering elderly patients by intentionally giving them an overdose of insulin, AD reports.

These murders happened in different nursing homes in Zuid-Holland. Suspect Rahiied A. was arrested on November 17th after the directors of nursing home 't Huys te Hoecke in Puttershoek notified the police about suspicious circumstances around an elderly woman's death earlier that month. The woman died of an overdose of insulin, despite the fact that there was no medical reason for her to take insulin. 

The 21-year-old Rotterdam man is now suspected of three murders, and the authorities are investigating whether he was involved in four other deaths. There are also eight cases of nursing home residents given unnecessary insulin, but they survived, according to NOS. A. worked as a freelance or temp nurse in various nursing homes.

This is the second time that a body is exhumed in this case. The Public Prosecutor would not tell AD which victim was involved, or when this person died.