Nursing home employee arrested for murder

A 21-year-old man from Rotterdam was arrested for euthanizing a patient without her permission or that of a relative, which the Public Prosecutor is charging as murder. The nursing home employee is also suspected of attempting to do the same to two other patients. The suspect worked at a number of care institutions, the Prosecutor said in a statement on Monday.

The police launched an investigation early this month after a resident of a nursing home in Binnenmaas was hospitalized. During treatment, the suspicion arose that someone gave her insulin without medical necessity. The nursing home reported the incident. During the investigation, two other cases came to light. In the one, also in Binnenmaas, the patient died. In the third case, the patient was treated in time to prevent death.

The family members of the victims, and the two surviving victims themselves, were informed about what happened by the police. 

The suspect was arrested on Friday and arraigned on Monday. He is facing one charge of murder and two of attempted murder.