Nursing home murder victim's body exhumed

The police's forensic team at the scene of a crime (Stock Photo: Politie)The police's forensic team at the scene of a crime (Stock Photo: Politie)

The authorities exhumed the body of an elderly woman who the Public Prosecutor believes was murdered in a nursing home in Puttershoek on Monday. Her body was transferred to the Netherlands Forensic Institution for a further investigation into the cause of her death, AD reports.

On Monday the Public Prosecutor announced that a 21-year-old nursing home employee was arrested in connection with the elderly woman's death. He is suspected of killing the woman by administering insulin without medical necessity. The Prosecutor also found two similar incidents involving the same nursing home in Puttershoek and another nursing home in Rotterdam. In both these cases the victims survived. The Public Prosecutor plans to charge the young Rotterdam man with attempted murder for these two cases.

The Public Prosecutor said on Tuesday that there is a chance that the suspect committed similar crimes in other nursing homes, but that there are currently no indications of this.