Suspected gunman arrested in Amsterdam DJ's mistaken identity murder

Another suspect was arrested in connection with the murder of 31-year-old Djordy Latumahina in Amsterdam in October last year. The police believe that this man was one of the two gunmen who killed the Amsterdam DJ, the Public Prosecutor confirmed to AD.

The suspect is a Caucasian man with blond hair who comes from the Amsterdam area, according to the newspaper. The other suspected gunman, Djurgen W., was previously arrested.

Djordy Latumahina was gunned down as he was parking his car in the garage under his home on Koningin Wilhelminaplein in Amsterdam on October 8th, 2016. His girlfriend and their 2-year-old daughter were in the car when it happened. The girlfriend was seriously injured, but survived the attack. The little girl sustained no physical injuries. 

The police believe that the murderers mistook Djorty for someone else. The actual target is believed to be a drug dealer who lived in the same complex and also drove a dark Mini. This drug dealer went into hiding abroad after the attack. 

A pro-forma hearing against seven previously arrested suspects is scheduled for Tuesday. The actual trail is expected to start in March. The suspects are Cedric R. who is suspected of coordinating the attack, his brother Wendell R., Djurgen W. who is suspected of being one of the two gunmen, and suspected getaway driver Ulirch B. The two other suspects - Giovanni D. and Benito L. - are suspected of stealing one of the cars used in the gunmen's getaway. All suspects except Benito L. are still in custody.