Two of three suspects arrested in Amsterdam DJ's mistaken identity murder

The police arrested two of three suspects believed to be involved in the murder of Djordy Latumahina in Amsterdam in October last year. One was arrested a few hours ago, the police confirmed. The other is one of five suspects arrested on Tuesday, the Telegraaf reports.

On Tuesday evening the police released footage and images of the suspects on Opsporing Verzocht. It is unclear whether this latest arrest was made based on a tip after the broadcast. The Public Prosecutor believes that one gunman, the getaway driver and four other suspects are now in custody. A second gunman is still on the loose.

DJ Djordy Latumahina was gunned down in the parking lot of his apartment building on Koningin Wilhelminaplein on October 8th. His girlfriend was critically injured, but survived. Their 2-year-old daughter witnessed the attack. She escaped without physical injury. 

The police are certain that Latumahina was not the intended target of the assassination. He had no criminal record and lived a seemingly innocent life as a DJ and party organizer.