Insurance fraud motive behind fatal Diemen apartment fire: Prosecutor

The Public Prosecutor is seriously considering that the suspects in a, set fire to the building to claim insurance money. Two other scenarios - that the fire was set due to a relationship quarrel, and that it was set to mask traces of a burglary - are also under consideration, but insurance fraud seems more likely, was revealed during a pro-forma hearing for suspect Gilermo I. on Wednesday, ANP reports.

The fire happened on July 19th in an apartment building on Rode Kruislaan in Diemen. . Two others, including Swart's girlfriend, were seriously injured. According to AT5, Gilermo I.'s sister lived in the apartment where the fire started. 

Firefighters managed to keep the fire from spreading to other apartments, but the smoke traveled through the entire building due to a fire door the suspects broke - as can be seen in a of the incident. Swart's body and his seriously injured girlfriend were found only al. Due to a miscommunication, the fire department of the building. The two victims were found on the 12th floor. 

I. was . He is facing charges of arson. He was not present at the pro-forma hearing on Wednesday.

- Gilermo's sister Simona I. (23) and a 26-year-old man - will appear in court at a later date. They were arrested only recently. 

The Prosecutor also said that a fourth suspect may be arrested in the near future.