Police call for images of Diemen apartment fire; 27-year-old man killed

The police are calling on people who took photos and videos of a fiin Diemen on Wednesday morning, to submit these to investigators. A 27-year-old man was found dead after the fire. Four others were injured, two of them critically.

The investigators believe arson was involved, according to newspaper AD. "One of our flat mates came home from her work in the middle of the night. She sat in her car for a while and saw two guys in balaclavas running away from the flat. Shortly thereafter she heard a bang", one resident told the newspaper.

The man who died and one of the critically injured were on the 12th floor of the building, only after the fire department had the fire under control. An external investigation is being done . "Evidently people were left behind in the building during the evacuation. We wonder how that can be", Diemen mayor Lex Scholten said on Wednesday. 

Three of the four injured were still in hospital on Thursday. Residents of the building also had to spend Thursday night elsewhere. The police released the building after their investigation, and the damage is now being assessed, according to AD.