Groningen student organization destroys local sushi restaurant

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A few hundred members of Groningen student association Vindicat vandalized, looted and harassed the staff of a sushi restaurant in the city last week, AD reports. 

Groningen city blog Sikkom first reported the destruction left by the Vidicat members. "At one point the whole restaurant was covered with broken glass", a witness said to the blog. "A hole was kicked into one bathroom door and in the bathroom, a student pissed on the wall." About half the students walked out with bottles of wine which they did not pay for, according to the witness. "We felt particularly sorry for the staff. They were mocked and pushed over", the witness said.

Former Vindicat rector Stijn Derksen confirmed to RTV Noord that the students involved were Vindicat members. According to him, the students booked the restaurant to celebrate the closing of hospitality week, during which the Vindicat houses pick the students that will live in the houses. 

An employee of Sushi Mall restaurant confirmed the destruction left by the Vindicat members to newspaper AD. "Really one big mess. Fortunately, no one was hurt", the employee said. 

The University of Groningen refused to comment until they've investigated the matter.

Vindicat made headlines last year when a prospective member sustained a brain injury during hazing. The student association also made the news after a so-called "bang list" featuring the names, numbers and photographs of female students surfaced on the internet.