Groningen students appear on online "bang-list"

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A so-called "bang list" containing highly personal information of 23 female students belonging to Groningen student organization Vindicat surfaced on the internet on Thursday. The list is very sexual in nature and rates the girls with one to five stars, the Telegraaf reports.

According to the newspaper, the list takes the form of an electronic "almanac" and was found by the city blog Sikkom. It contains all kinds of personal information about the students, including their pictures.

The board of Vindicat in Martinstad made contact with the affected students. According to a spokesperson, it is likely, if not certain, that a member compiled the list. If so, "appropriate measures" will be taken, the spokesperson said to the Telegraaf.

According to board member Fleur Ponne, the affected girls are doing well under the circumstances. "But they're not answering the phone anymore They get weird calls. We are investigating to solve the case, because this can really not be allowed", she said to the newspaper.

The list seems to be a sexual twist to the student organization's annual almanac. The organization is 50-50 male and female. "It seems to be a terribly out of hand student joke", Ponne said.