Groningen Hazing: Student fraternity member prosecuted for causing brain injury

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A 24-year-old member of Groningen student association Vindicat will be prosecuted for aggravated assault during hazing, the Public prosecutor announced. The suspect gave a prospective Vindicat member a brain injury by standing on his head during hazing in August last year, AD reports.

In October the Public Prosecutor decided to launch a criminal investigation, despite the victim's initial refusal to press charges,due to the "seriousness and impact of the incident". Both victim and Vindicat eventually pressed charges after all. It is not yet clear when the fraternity member will stand trial - the Prosecutor's case is not yet complete, two witnesses are still being questioned. 

According to RTV Noord, the suspect is still a member of Vindicat. The student association is awaiting the outcome of the trial before deciding what to do with the member. 

Vindicat previously made negative headlines when it was revealed that its members made a "bang list" of about 20 female Groningen students, rating them on their looks and whether they are worth a "bang". Vindicat eventually suspended 13 members believed to be responsible for the list.

More recently the student association was in the news when a female student made a video about slut shaming at the association. 


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