Murdered Enschede woman was pregnant: report

Sarah Kolenberg
Sarah Kolenberg. Photo: Sarah Kolenberg / Facebook

Sarah Kolenberg was pregnant when she was murdered in her Enschede home last month. The man suspected of murdering her, 48-year-old Jayson D., was the father of the child and the two were fighting about whether or not to have an abortion, friends of the murdered salsa dancer told the Telegraaf.

Sarah, 40, wanted to keep the child, Jayson did not. According to the Telegraaf, Jayson D. is a married man with two children. He was afraid that keeping the child would bring his relationship with Kolenberg to light. It is not clear whether Kolenberg knew about D.'s family.

Kolenberg broke up with her boyfriend, a salsa dancing teacher, a few months ago, a close friend said to the newspaper. After that she went on a few dates, one of which developed into the relationship with D. Kolenberg's friends knew about the fight she had with D. and sent the police in his direction, according to the newspaper.

D.'s lawyer refused to respond. "My client is in restricted custody and therefore I can and will not say anything about it", lawyer Umut Ural said to the Telegraaf. 

Kolenberg was in her home on Tubantiastraat on August 27th. Jayson D. wasr.