ISIS calls for terrorist attack at EC women's football match in Utrecht

Galgenwaard stadium (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Victor van Werkhooven)Galgenwaard stadium (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Victor van Werkhooven)

Terrorist group ISIS called for a terrorist attack during the European Women's Championship football match in Galgenwaard Stadium in Utrecht on July 19th. The call was placed on a pro-ISIS telegram channel according to RTL Nieuws.

England and Scotland will be playing in the affected match. 

The National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security is aware of the call and is investigating, a spokesperson said to RTL. "In the current threat picture we are obviously taking it seriously", the spokesperson said. "There are often such threats. But with that I do not pass judgment on how serious this one is."

The European Championship and National Coordinator already spoke about visible and invisible security measures.

Anette van Trigt, spokesperson for EC Women's football, also confirmed that the organization is aware of the call. "We take it seriously. We are in close contact with the Coordinator. They are investigating."

The European Women's Championship starts with a match between the Netherlands and Norway this Sunday. In addition to Utrecht, matches will also be played in Deventer, Breda, Tilburg, Rotterdam, Doetinchem and Enschede. The finals will be in Enschede on August 6th.