Saturdarah leader among five arrested in early morning raid

Heavily armed police officers raided the home of Laurens S., a leader of the Satudarah chapter east, in Enschede very early on Wednesday morning. Five people, including S., were arrested for violating the arms and ammunition law, the Telegraaf report.

The raid was done in connection with an attack on the home an Auskamplanden in December last year. A hand grenade was thrown into the house and exploded. No one was injured. The police immediately stated that a hand grenade was involved in the attack. But S. denied this, saying that the police were trying to make it sound worse than it was because he is a member of motorcycle gang Satudarah. According to him, heavy fireworks were thrown into his house.

S. refused to press charges and cooperate in the investigation. Which is why the police decided to raid the home on Wednesday morning. A trace evidence investigation will be done, which will hopefully reveal more information about the attack in December, according to the newspaper.