King's Night temps to drop to zero

King's Day 2016 expected to be wet and cold (Photo: @AmsterdamNL/Twitter) orange umbrellasOrange umbrellas (Photo: @AmsterdamNL/Twitter)

King's Night celebrators and flea market visitors and traders are advised to dress warmly tonight - minimum temperatures are expected to drop to freezing tonight, according to weather services Weerplaza and Weeronline.

A number of places woke up to frost this morning, and the same is expected for tonight. "King's Day self will be around 10 degrees. In addition the weather will be quite turbulent, with sun, clouds and a single rain shower. The days after that, the temperature rises and it becomes less volatile", Diana Woei of Weerplaza said to the Telegraaf. 

People in the western areas like Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam can expect to deal with some winter showers tonight and tomorrow. "If you want to guard against rain, hail or wet snowflakes, then take an orange rain poncho", Weeronline meteorologist Yannick Damen advises. 

The final days of April will become steadily warmer, with temperatures even reaching 18 degrees in some places by Sunday. The wind is turning south and the supply of cold air from the north will dwindle by Friday. Saturday afternoon temperatures will be around 14 degrees, which is normal for late April.