40% of Dutch-Turks and -Moroccans don't feel at home in the Netherlands: Cultural Office

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A massive 40 percent of Dutch-Turks and Dutch-Moroccans don't feel at home in the Netherlands, according to a study by social and cultural planning office SCP. They are particularly concerned about their employment prospects in the country and regularly experience discrimination, Het Parool reports. 

The SCP analyzed multiple other studies in preparation for the upcoming parliamentary election and came to this conclusion.

According to the planning office, non-western immigrants have become less positive about their chances and life in the Netherlands over the past years. This is doubly true for their children who were born in the Netherlands. These groups of so-called second generation young people are very concerned about their chances on the labor market and about the changing social climate in the Netherlands.

Young people in the Dutch-Turkish and Dutch-Moroccan communities identify more with their country of origin and faith, according to the SCP. They feel "discomfort" in Dutch society and over the past years feel that they are increasingly the victims of discrimination. 

"The feeling of exclusion entails the risk that the groups increasingly close themselves off to others", the SCP warns.