Returning winter weather trigger icy roads warning in north Netherlands

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Winter weather is back in the Netherlands and with that meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow warning for icy roads this morning. The warning affects the northern half of the country.

According to the KNMI, motorists should be especially careful on local roads which salt trucks and gritters don't always reach. In Noord-Holland and Twente the roads may also be slippery due to snow. The slickness should melt away by the end of the morning. Light snow is expected in the afternoon, though it will likely melt away before causing problems.

The rest of the day will be cloudy with light snow in the northern parts of the country. Maximum temperatures will range from -1 degrees Celsius in the northeastern parts of the country to +5 degrees in the southeast. A strong wind will make the day seem much colder, especially in the north. 

Tomorrow will be cloudy, but dry. The eastern parts of the country may even see some sunshine. Maximum temps will range from just below freezing in the north to just above freezing in the south, but due to wind chill it will feel between -5 degrees and -10 degrees.


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