Icy roads prompt code yellow weather warning


Meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow weather warning for icy, slick roads across the Netherlands this morning. Motorists are warned to adjust their driving behavior - slow down and keep a safe following distance.

The weather warning affects the entire country except the Wadden islands. The KNMI expects that the iciness will dissipate during the course of the morning. 

Traffic information service VID also warns motorists to be careful of the icy roads. According to the service, there are currently traffic problems on the A12 towards The Hague from junction Prins Clausplein due to an accident. It is unclear whether the accident was caused by slick roads. 

The weather will be rather sunny this afternoon, but with a cold wind, according to KNMI. Afternoon temperatures will range from freezing in the east of the country to about 5 degrees along the coast. Temperatures will drop quickly toninght, with minimum temperatures ranging between -4 degrees and -10 degrees expected. 

The coming days will be very cold, with a chance of snow. Weerplaza warns that this can cause major traffic problems, especially for the returning skiers. The weather service advises the some 100 thousand Dutch winter sports enthusiasts to prepare properly before driving back home. Snow already fell in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the outlook for the coming days is bleak.