Dutch girls, 11 and 12, hospitalized after eating drugs found on street

Two girls aged 11 and 12 years old were rushed to the hospital on Monday night after they became ill from eating pills they found on the street in Zwanenburg, Noord-Holland. The police can't yet say what drugs were involved, a spokesperson said to NU.nl.

According to the police, one girl was very disorientated, the other was unconscious when emergency services arrived at the scene. A neighbor confirmed this to RTL Nieuws. According to the neighbor, the girls invovled is a girl that lives on Acacialaan and a friend that was visiting. "The frield could still wtalk and walk. She mainly seemed very confused. But the neighbor was in bad shape. She was unconscious and ono a respirator as she was taken into the ambulance."

A spokesperson for the Kennemerland police told RTL that the pills were found in the vicinity of Domineeslaan. The police searched the area with sniffer dogs, but no more pills were found, according to NU.nl.

It is believed that the girls thought the pills were sweets. The police are investigating what type of drugs are involved and what their active substance is.