Fmr. kickboxer suspected in Amsterdam criminal's murder

Chahid Yakhlaf (Photo: Politie). (Chahid Yakhlaf (Photo: Politie))

The 22-year-old man arrested on Tuesday in connection with the murder of Chahid Yakhlaf is former kickboxer Hicham M. from Amsterdam, Het Parool reports.

According to the newspaper, M. grew up wit street boys in eastern Amsterdam. Many of these boys have been linked to assassinations, and some were even recently convicted. M. himself was also on the police radars for some time. M. was also known for his kickboxing talent, which he practiced at the renowned martial arts school Pancration. According to the newspaper, he dropped out of kickboxing a few years ago.

Chahid Yakhlaf was gunned down at a campground in Kerkdriel on December 31st last year. Two men opened fire on Yakhlaf's car, which contained three people. After the shooting, the victims managed to drive away. They came to a stop in Hoenzadriel, where they called for help. They were rushed to a hospital, where Yakhlaf died a short time later. The other two survived their injuries. 

The gunmen's getaway car was found burning in a parknglot on Hogeweg in Zaltbommel some time later. 

On Tuesday the police revealed more details about this case on Opsporing Verzocht, hoping that information from the public can lead to a resolution. 

Surveillance footage of the campground, where Chahid and his brother had been staying for some time, shows two men loitering around the camap site on December 28th, 29th and 31st. It seems to be the same two men every day, wearing about the same clothes.

On December 28th the men can be seen with hoods on walking past the caera at the gate. The next day, one can be seen with an automatic weaopn at the barrier. He squats down and moves around a parked car as aother car passes by. 

On December 31st, the Yakhlaf brothers and a friend come driving out in a white Mercedes and the two men open fire on them.