Dutch-British painting worth €350K unearthed on Antique Roadshow

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A lost painting by Dutch-British painter Lawrence Alma-Tadema surfaced in the BBC television program Antiques Roadshow. In the broadcast on Sunday, the painting was valued at 350 thousand euros.

According to broadcaster NOS, Alma was one of the most successful painters in the world in the 19th centuray. He was born in the Frisian village of Donryp and later moved to London, where he eventually attained British citizenship.

The re-discovered painting sows etcher Leopold Lowenstam, who helped make Alma famous, Frank van der Velden of the Fries Museum said to the broadcaster. According to him, Alma sold his work to private collections, meaning that no one really saw it. He therefore had prints made so he could become more well known.

Alma gave the painting to Lowenstam's wife, who was Alma's daughters' nanny. It was last seen in public in 1913. A great-grandson took the painting to the Antiques Roadshow.

Van der Velden is delighted with the painting's re-discovery. After restoration, it will be added to an Alma exhibition, opening in the Fries Museum on October 1st. "It's fantastic news. We are incredibly happy", he said.