Netherlands counts 107,700 millionaires

In 2014 there were 107,700 households in the Netherlands with at least 1 million euros in assets, 5 thousand more than in 2013. That means that 1.4 percent of Dutch households are millionaires, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Thursday.

In total these millionaires possess 340 billion euros in wealth - their assets minus the value of personal property and any mortgage debt.

Adjusted for population, the provinces of Utrecht and Zeeland have the most millionaires with 1.7 percent of their population worth more than a million euros. A close third is Noord-Holland with 1.6 percent.

Laren is the municipality with the relatively the most millionaires with 10.1 percent of its population worth at least a million euros. Bloemendaal and Blaricum come in a close third and second with 10 percent and 9.7 percent respectively.

The municipality with the fewest millionaires is Kerkrade with 0.3 percent, followed by Landgraaf, Den Helder and Brunssum with 0.4 percent each.

Nearly all, 94 percent, of the Dutch millionaires live in a house they bought. More than a third of them live in a home worth 500 thousand euros or more.