May 26 '16 15:50

In 2014 there were 107,700 households in the Netherlands with at least 1 million euros in assets, 5 thousand more than in 2013. That means that 1.4 percent of Dutch households are millionaires, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Thursday.

Mar 19 '15 15:42

The Konijnenlaan in Wassenaar is now the most expensive street in the Netherlands. The average property price on the street is estimated at 2.275 million euros, reports Quote. The record for density of houses worth over a million is set by nearby Bloemcamplaan, where 99% of all residences exceed the value.

Jun 6 '14 08:47

After the Dutch municipal elections of March 19, negotiations for the new city government coalitions are ongoing in five local councils. Cities that are still working on an agreement are Amsterdam and Den Haag, and smaller towns Den Helder and Blaricum in Noord Holland, and Zutphen, Gelderland.

May 27 '14 13:41

A boy was born into the world during rush-hour traffic on the rijksweg A1 near Blaricum this morning. The pregnant mother was in the car with the obstetrician on the way to the Tergooi hospital, but did not make it there in time, het Parool reports.

Apr 17 '14 13:09

A second suspect was arrested in Amsterdam on Wednesday, in connection with a botched home invasion in Blaricum Friday during which police shot a man in the leg.

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