King's Day weather: Cold, wet with some snow

King's Day 2016 expected to be wet and cold (Photo: @AmsterdamNL/Twitter) orange umbrellasOrange umbrellas (Photo: @AmsterdamNL/Twitter)

King's Day started out cold and wet in the Netherlands, and that weather is expected to hold for the entire day. The northeastern parts of the country may even see some snow, according to meteorological institute KNMI.

Wednesday is expected to be cloudy with lots of rain and a risk of hail. In the east and southeast this weather may be accompanied by thunderstorms.

The KNMI issued a code yellow weather warning for the provinces of Groningen, Drenthe, Zuid-Holland, Zeeland and Noord-Brabant for slick roads during the early morning. The warning is in effect until 8:00 a.m. and motorists are warned to adjust their driving behavior.

Maximum temperatures are expected to reach around 9 degrees, though it may feel colder. There may be some sunshine in between showers in the afternoon. A strong northwest wind will blow along the coast. Inland areas can expect a moderate wind.

The Red Cross warns King's Day celebrators to dress warmly, eat something warm and be careful of how much alcohol you consume. "It may seem that you get warmer by drinking a lot of alcohol, but it actually cools down your body even further", a spokesperson said to RTL Nieuws.

According to the KNMI, this is the coldest April 27th since 1985, when the maximum temperature was 7.4 degrees. The warmest April 27th was in 2007, when temperatures reached 27.3 degrees in De Bilt. Today will be colder than Christmas, when it was 14 degrees in many places.