Captain in fatal boat crash says he wasn't drunk, just too fast

Arnoud H. is facing court on Monday for his role in a fatal speedboat accident on the Vinkeveense Plassen in 2014. In court H. acknowledged that he was speeding when his speedboat crashed into another boat on August 2nd, 2014, but denies that he was drunk and that his speedboat did not have sufficient lighting, according to AD reporter Marco Gerling tweeting live from within the courtroom.

H.'s speedboat crashed into another boat carrying four friends from Leusden. Two of them were killed instantly. The other two escaped unharmed. H. did not stop after the accident, speeding away.

According to H. he did not stop because he did not realize that he crashed into another boat. One of his friends fell on his boat during the collision and all their attention were on her and getting her medical attention. H. thought he hit a tree trunk.

Most of the witnesses testifying in court on Tuesday said that H.'s boat did not have any lights on and was traveling at high speed. H. denies having no lights, but acknowledges that he was speeding. "I was going between 17 and 20 kilometers per hour", he said. The maximum speed limit is 6 km/h.

H. was arrested the morning after the accident. His bloodstream measured 60ugl of alcohol. According to investigators, this points to heavy alcohol consumption the night before. H. denies this. "I had two champagnes and two beers. I know because I have a kidney disease."

On Wednesday the indictment will be read along with H.'s plea. The Prosecutor will then also demand a sentence against him.