Naked, bloodied kidnap victim escapes into primary school; Two arrested

A 29 year old man was held hostage and tortured in an apartment building on Christiaan Huijgensstraat in Roosendaal on Tuesday afternoon. Two men were arrested in connection with this kidnapping.

The police became involved at around 4:20 p.m. after receiving a report that a naked, bloody man walked into a primary school on Van der Waalstraat.

He told the police that he was kidnapped and held against his will in a flat building. He managed to escape through a small window while his kidnappers weren't looking and fled to the school. The victim gave the officers the description of three perpetrators. An ambulance crew treated his injuries at the school.

Around 4:50 the police arrested a 20 year old fom Dordrecht on Radarstraat on suspicion of involvement in the incident. Officers then staked out the flat building on Christiaan Huijgensstraat. At around 5:20 a man matching the description of one of the perpetrators walked up to the building. He - a 21 year old from Roosendaal - was arrested.

The two men are in custody for further investigation. The police believe that more arrests may follow.