Authorities: Utrecht mosque has no ties to terrorism

alFitrah mosque in Utrecht (Photo: @LukasBouwman/Twitter)alFitrah mosque in Utrecht (Photo: @LukasBouwman/Twitter)

There is no evidence that the alFitrah mosque in Overvecht is financed by a terrorist organization, the Utrecht municipality announced in answer to questions from council members, RTV Utrecht reports.

Utrecht investigated the mosque after Dutch newspaper AD reported that the mosque has ties with a charity organization in Kuwait that the American government linked to Al-Qaeda and that the mosque is receiving money from another organization in the same country.

According to the municipality, they know about the financing alFitrah is getting from the Kuwait organization. "In principle each organization may receive funding from abroad, unless there are links to terrorist organizations. To date we and our partners have not found those direct links in relation to alFitrah", the municipality writes.

The municipality also writes that there are currently no known signs that other organizations in Utrecht are receiving dubious funding.