Dozens fall ill at Arnhem asylum center

Former prison De Koepel in Arnhem (Photo: Twitter/TiborGarvelink). (Former prison De Koepel in Arnhem (Photo: Twitter/TiborGarvelink))

Between 30 and 40 asylum seekers fell ill in the Arnhem asylum center on Sunday. After investigation, the fire department believes they probably have the flu, with symptoms including fever and nausea, AD reports. 

Emergency services responded to the emergency shelter in the former Koepel-prison around 7:30 p.m. The fire brigade took measurements looking for toxic gasses or substances, but found nothing.

The sick asylum seekers were checked over by an ambulance crew. According to De Gelderlander, a medical station was established on the site to treat the sick people.

One resident told De Gelderlander that they got food poisoning from the soup they ate the night before. This now seems not to be the case.