Union worried Air France protests spell trouble for KLM

Dutch labour union CNV is concerned that layoff plans announced this week at Air France could indicate dark clouds on the horizon at sister airline KLM. The French airline wants to eliminate 2,900 jobs and end some long-haul flights to Asia, which sent unruly employees to the company's headquarters in a flash protest that including ripping the clothes off two executives.

Earlier in the year KLM signed new and more economic deals with their employees as part of the Dutch airline's strategy to reorganize, save money, and become more competitive with low cost carriers and airlines from the Middle East. Bothe European airlines share the same parent company, and are fighting off the same competitors.

Air France was not as successful as KLM in negotiating new collective bargaining agreements, and has left the company with angry employees that CNV Director Dolf Polders, believes could create further labour action that may get out of hand, supporting this with more threats of mass strike action, reported nu.nl.

"While the KLM staffers line up responsibly, behaviour among Air France employees is like spoiled children," the union boss said. Ill-advised strikes will also reflect badly on KLM, he pointed out.

He is specifically concerned with "flights not making connections, and angry travelers," as actions by Air France staff can also affect KLM's financial results as well.