Pedophile blackmail scheme leads to three arrests

Three suspects have been arrested in a case involving extortion, blackmail and pedophilia. A man from Helmond was lured to a house in Roermond with the promise of sex with two young girls, aged 13 and 14 years. Once there three other adults forced him to pay 40 thousand euros.

The three suspects, a 41 year old man from Roermond, A 33 year old woman from Hoensbroek and a 32 year old man from Heerlen, were arrested in July. Ivo van den Bergh, the lawyer representing the suspect from Roermond, confirmed this to the Telegraaf.

According to the lawyer, the man from Helmond, age 68, requested sex with a young woman on Marktplaats, which is how he came into contact with the other two. The three of them agreed that he could have sex with the two young girls from Heerlen for 300 euros.

The Helmond man was then told to undress in the bathroom, where he was photographed without his knowledge close to one of the girls, according to RTL. He was then extorted into paying 40 thousand euros.

According to the lawyer, his client wanted to turn the Helmond man into the police after luring him into the trap with the two girls. The other suspects were the ones who suddenly demanded money.

The two girls are family members of one of the suspects, according to the investigation file in the hands of the Telegraaf.