Survey: Four percent of elite Dutch athletes are doping

A survey done by the Doping Authority has revealed that dozens of Dutch athletes that belong to the international top are doping. This involves 4.2 percent of athletes - more than is found in doping tests, but less than the Authority expected, BNR reports.

For the survey, the Authority distinguished four categories in doping: anabolic steroids, blood manipulation, stimulants and the rest. According to Herman Ram, the director of the Authority, the largest group of participants indicated that they use all of these categories.

The survey revealed that the level of doping among athletes is just as high on the national level than as in the international top athletes. Doping seems to be somewhat above average in cycling and below average in the athletics world. "But this is really in the uncertainty margin", Ram said to BNR. "We can not really say that they use more, but there seems to be a trend."